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Hot Stuff – Waters Edge Aquarium

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So that’s what a mudskipper looks like.

Aquatic Habitat

What habitat is best for Mudskippers and other aquatic stream dwellers? Perfecto’s 28 gallon aquarium—The curved 28-gallon glass aquarium features realistic stone and log backdrop constructed of molded resin. Dramatic waterfall feature maintains humidity and provides a unique water source. Tri-level ledges are ideal for live plants and perching for stream dwellers. Circulation fan prevents condensation. The set-up includes filtration system, water conditioner, and food. BIO-Habitat is ideal for amphibians, crustaceans, and more. Specialty Tanks are a unique synergy of eye-catching allure, high-end functionality, and peerless quality. Marineland specialty aquariums are guaranteed to add a touch of class to any room’s décor.

perfecto waters edge 28 gallon

Aquatic Habitat

Limited quantity and when they’re gone, they’re gone. On Sale today for $175!! Regular price $319.99 Layaway available for that special Christmas gift.  

For more information on Mudskippers click on this link On Line Learning Center for care, housing, and feeding. Or stop in Clearwater Pet Safari and talk with one of our expert consultants