Tetra Tank Nibblers Review

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 tank nibblers

Tank Nibblers by Tetra

Another innovative product by Tetra—the Tank Nibblers.

This product is on fire and we sold out in just a few days. (It’s back in stock now). Pet Safari gives it four paws and a tail wag for a total of 5 out of 5. It can’t get a better rating than that for a new product.

What makes this product so special is the increased enjoyment for the fish enthusiast, plus great nutrition for the fish. And it’s easy to use. Just press and hold it to the inside of the tank for a few seconds and let go. We suggest using this as an occasional treat. Take care not to over feed your fish by cutting back slightly on their daily food. Remember one rule of fish feeding; if the fish aren’t excited when you open the tank lid you may be over feeding your fish. Talk to a fish expert at your local pet store.  

Tank Nibblers are available in three flavors—Tuna, Shrimp, and Veggie. The best part is the price, under 2 bucks. That comes out to around 9 cents per feeding.  Please click on the video below for a quick demostration and commetary on this fantastic new product! Or click here for a direct link Youtube video.  To find a store near you click on Tetra Store Locator.