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Fluval Edge is…Edgy

By June 1, 2014No Comments
12 gallon fluval edge

12 Gallon Fluval Edge

Edgy is precisely the word to describe the Fluval EDGE. This contemporary aquarium is ahead of its time; it’s cool, trendy, breathtaking, and stylish. The revolutionary 3D cube design is a refreshingly new eye-catching showpiece that stands out in any room. It includes LED lighting, so it makes a spectacular substitute for tabletop lamps. There are two sizes available a 6 gallon and a 12 gallon. Included are the filtration system and lights. Add water, decorations, and fish to complete this exotic aquarium. Both the Six Gallon Edge and the 12 gallon, which is twice as tall, are shown on this page.

six gallon fluval edge

Six Gallon Fluval Edge