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Free From Fromm

Why should you feed your pet Fromm or any other high-quality food?

Fromm dog
Going for the Gold

The obvious answer is we want our pets to be healthy, and a good nutritional diet is a key to health and well-being. Moreover, since health leads to happiness it only makes sense that we do what is best for our pets.

However, I have a somewhat selfish reason for feeding Fromm to my three Brussels Griffons. My dogs help me live a happy, healthy life. Research studies have shown that dog owners have a lower risk for heart disease. They have found that petting and caring for a dog relieves stress and increases happiness, which helps to reduce your Cholesterol and Triglycerides. It sounds like a win-win.
After many requests by our customers, we now stock the Fromm line of dog and cat food. The Fromm family has a long history of dedication to health and nutrition of animals, and are pioneers in creating dry kibble food.

Fromm is offering a frequent buyer program that helps bring the price in line with lower quality dog/cat food. We do all the record keeping, and after the 12th purchase, you will receive a free bag.
Know that you are providing the best in nutritional health for that puppy you love. Remember, they help keep us healthy and happy, too.

Pet Safari is a family owned Pet Store located in Clearwater, Largo area.

Since we opened our doors in 1991, Pet Safari has grown from a grooming salon into a full line pet store. We are known for reliability, friendly customer service, and high-quality products. We carry a broad range of pet supplies and feature in-store grooming for cats and dogs.

Linda and Steve are proud of their youngest son, partner, and manager, David. He has a deep commitment to our customers and employees and regards them as part of our extended family. David has a beautiful wife, Roxanne, and two wonderful children, Brittany and Joey.

The most important aspect of our business is our customers. We work every day to keep our commitment to excellent service and appreciation while maintaining a family business.

Pet Store Clearwater

Whether it’s choosing your first puppy or buying a goldfish,  step into Pet Safari and experience a family owned pet store. That’s me, Steve, pictured holding our Brussels Griffon, Sami Rae.

Pet Safari, located at 1577 S. Highland Ave. Clearwater, Florida. 727-443-0993