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Diatomaceous Earth

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Diatomaceous Earth

DE CylindersWhat is Diatomaceous Earth?

The short answer is DE comes from a natural occurring single cell plant (called a Diatom) that filters minerals from water. When the plant dies, its skeletal remains drift to the bottom of lakes forming beds hundreds of feet thick. In its dried state it appears to be a fine powder, but when magnified several thousand times it looks similar to Rice Chex cereal in a cylindrical shape.

If you’re into “Going Green” DE is the perfect product for you!

Diatomaceous Earth is 100% organic, and non-toxic, and the pest control industry uses it as an environmentally friendly pesticide. One of the reasons food grade Diatomaceous Earth is safe to use is because it is not a chemical or a poison. It eliminates parasites by physically penetrating their exoskeleton and dehydrating them. It is the ideal treatment for fleas and ticks, and with proper use will kill any parasite. Because DE eliminates parasites through a physical process there is no buildup of tolerance like there is with many poisons used for pest control.

Health Benefits of Food Grade DE

Food Grade DE

Food Grade DE

Although DE has little nutritional value—other than trace minerals—it is a natural remedy for internal parasites. When consumed, the negatively charged microscopic cylinders absorb viruses and bacteria while passing through the body allowing for natural elimination. It has the bonus quality of helping scrub the walls of the small and large intestines for a healthier intestinal track and colon. With regular use it can help lower blood pressure and decrease levels of cholesterol. Other reported benefits are healthier joints, stronger nails, hair grows faster, and stronger teeth and gums. Pet Safari currently carries “Grandpa’s Diatomaceous Earth.” It is a food grade safe for cats, dogs, and people, too.

The only caveat is there are two types of DE:

Food grade and Pool filter grade. Food grade DE is a silicon dioxide and is EPA approved safe for consumption. Pool grade diatomaceous earth is chemically treated and is poisonous to humans and animals, and it contains 70% crystalline silica, a known carcinogenic with sustained use.

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is a natural, safe and affordable solution for the effective treatment of fleas and ticks. For more information about DE, click on this link National Pesticide Information Center.