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DE magnified several thousand times

Diatomaceous Earth

What is Diatomaceous Earth?

The short answer is DE comes from a natural occurring single cell plant (called a Diatom) that filters minerals from water. When the plant dies, its skeletal remains drift to the bottom of lakes forming beds hundreds of feet thick. In its dried state it appears to be a fine powder, but when magnified several thousand times it looks similar to Rice Chex cereal in a cylindrical shape.

If you're into "Going Green" DE is the perfect product for you!

Diatomaceous Earth is 100% organic, and non-toxic, and the pest control industry uses it as an environmentally friendly pesticide. One of the reasons food grade Diatomaceous Earth is safe to use is because it is not a chemical or a poison. It eliminates parasites by physically penetrating their exoskeleton and dehydrating them. It is the ideal treatment for fleas and ticks, and with proper use will kill any parasite. Because DE eliminates parasites through a physical process there is no buildup of tolerance like there is with many poisons used for pest control.

Health Benefits of Food Grade DE

Although DE has little nutritional value—other than trace minerals—it is a natural remedy for internal parasites. When consumed, the negatively charged microscopic cylinders absorb viruses and bacteria while passing through the body allowing for natural elimination. It has the bonus quality of helping scrub the walls of the small and large intestines for a healthier intestinal track and colon. With regular use it can help lower blood pressure and decrease levels of cholesterol. Other reported benefits are healthier joints, stronger nails, hair grows faster, and stronger teeth and gums. Pet Safari currently carries "Grandpa's Diatomaceous Earth." It is a food grade safe for cats, dogs, and people, too. Click here for testimonials from consumers. Grandpa's Diatomaceous Earth

The only caveat is there are two types of DE:

Food grade and Pool filter grade. Food grade DE is a silicon dioxide and is EPA approved safe for consumption. Pool grade diatomaceous earth is chemically treated and is poisonous to humans and animals, and it contains 70% crystalline silica, a known carcinogenic with sustained use.

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is a natural, safe and affordable solution for the effective treatment of fleas and ticks. For more information about DE, click on this link to an article written by the National Pesticide Information Center.


Easy Button for Flea Control

Seresto may be your flea solution

If you live in Florida with a pet dog or cat, you are familiar with the never-ending flea season that only gets worse during warmer weather. Our unwelcome fleas need constant attention and if they get out of control, it can be very expensive. Flea elimination has no easy solution—it’s a process.

Today we have effective treatments available that don’t require an expensive pest control specialist—some of the most effective are Advantage and Frontline. They work well unless you miss a month’s treatment, then you end up chasing the flea problem rather than eliminating it. The key to these products is to be vigilant and thorough with regular baths and monthly applications. As they say, “the best defense is a good offense. Here is another solution new to the market—Seresto.

Recently a new product hit the market—Seresto, by Bayer Seresto Flea Collar


Staying ahead of the game just got easier because of a revolutionary new product, Seresto—an 8 month flea collar. When I heard the words “flea and collar” in the same sentence, it conjured up a bad image—I needed to be convinced. Eventually I gave in to the idea after much coaxing from our customers—they were swearing by it. Also skeptical, David, the store manager said, “We’ll give it a try.” In a few short months it has become one of our most effective and inexpensive solution to flea problems in the state of Florida. This 8 month collar eliminates the on-again, off-again of patterns of Spot-on flea treatments, plus it more effective and less costly.

For peace of mind, and a healthy pet, we strongly recommend Seresto Flea Collars for cats and dogs. Click here for a $20 savings!  Savings coupon also available at Pet Safari, Clearwater, FL. 33756

Alpha Dog rates Seresto 5 biscuit stars  


Buji and Me, by Wendy Kelly

Mark your calendar for February 18th, 2012—Author and animal behaviorist trainer, Wend Kelly, will be at Pet Safari, Clearwater for a meet and greet book signing from 11-2pm. Wendy’s recently published book, Buji and Me, is a heart warming story about the plight of a rescued dog and a twist of fate that is destined to change her life forever.

“Head held high, I walked out of the shelter with the dog others had deemed hopeless. Minutes later, I was banished from my own car by bared teeth and bristled fur, caught in the rain and dripping wet, foiled by the very creature whose cause I had just championed.

Never in my life had I asked so many times, “What was I thinking?”

Illustrations by Dean Young, head writer and cartoonist of the comic strip, Blondie.

Wendy is the owner of Pet Peeves Animal Training and the founder of the Pawsitive Life Foundation, a nonprofit organization created to rescue and train dogs to detect early stages of cancer in humans. The book is available on line at or pick one up from Wendy  at Pet Safari, 1577 Highland Ave. South on Saturday February 18th, 2012, 11-2pm

Read review by Steven Schuler — Buji and Me is a cold nosed wakeup call that will help you discover your inner dog.

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The week we got our puppy, I caught a stomach bug and stayed home from work one day. That afternoon, my wife called to check up on me.

"I'm okay," I said. "But guess who pooped in the dining room."

My wife's response: "Who?"